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Design, respect for the environment and comfort

Environment privileging materials that are the environment, value the local artisans

with the use of recycled materials

Meet the artists that make up our ambiance

Espedito Seleiro – the leather master of Nova Olinda – Cariri Ceará region, is present with his art in the curtain that separates the lobby from the Cidra Restaurant. The style of the shapes that draw in the leather is an aesthetics of the cangaço and a Northeastern identity.


Felismino – Motivated by a humble childhood and by his carpenter father, the Brazilian artist Antonio Felismino de Souza, or Felismino as he is best known, began to make his own toys at the age of 12. Today his pieces – airplanes, carousel, giant wheel and wooden animals, enchant the world outside. You can check out a Giant Wheel by Antonio Felismino in our lobby.


Janete Costa – Pernambuco architect born in Garanhuns / PE has developed a career marked by important architectural projects, exhibition design and products. But, without the most of its greatest tools of popular art and Brazilian craft. Through almost five years of professional experience, design, intervention in historical heritage, exhibitions, folk art and crafts. Book now that the hotel offers internet access. She drew the chair to the lamp, the candlestick and a quilt, taking into account the most varied materials such as wood, metal, glass, marble and natural fibers. And, the holding this projects, most of the times it is in charge of the cooperatives of workers and communities. Janete’s art is in almost every environment of our hotel.


José Altino is a woodcutter, painter and art critic from Paraiba, born in João Pessoa. He has worked with woodcuts for 40 years and has participated in fairs in states.


José Guedes – Renowned Cearense artist who imposes strong traits and vibrant nuclei in his art.
Throughout his work, Guedes offers us a myriad of possibilities. The art of José Guedes is present at the Citron Restaurant.


José Paulo – architect and artist from Pernambuco, uses in his work several artistic languages ​​like painting, drawing, building objects and sculptures in large formats. Art Bat is displayed in our lobby, adjacent to the reception.


José Rufino – Besides being an artist and writer, he is also an art teacher at the Federal universities of Paraíba and Pernambuco. One of the most photographed artworks by our guests is the Incertae Sedis – Latin expression attributed to beings with no known classification, which we have at the reception. He used office chair, varnished modified roots and attracts the attention of all who pass by.


Mestre Fida – Valfrido de Oliveira Cezar, better known as Mestre Fida, was born in 1957 in the Quilombola community of Timbó, in Pernambuco. Mestre Fida makes wooden sculptures and his work “Canoa”, 2008, is present in our restaurant.

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